Jimmies miss out on top 25

The Jamestown College baseball team still sits just outside the top 25.

Inactivity, caused by the relentless winter weather, has been hurting the 11-2 Jimmies more than anything in the voting. Their 103 points are 27 fewer than last week, 27 behind 25th-ranked College of Idaho. University of St. Francis (125) and Williams Woods University (104) are the only two teams ahead of JC among teams receiving votes.

The Jimmies haven’t played in 10 days and have had their last four scheduled dates — constituting eight games — wiped out. They’re scheduled to host Valley City State on Saturday and then turn around and play at Charlie Brown Field on Sunday, but there’s next to no chance of those games being played, at least around here.

The Jimmie softball team is in the same boat. They haven’t played since March 14, a span of 18 days. Off to an 11-4 start, they were also scheduled to face the Vikings this weekend.