Friday notes

OK, for those of us who weren’t watching golf at 6 a.m., let me get this straight: Tiger Woods missed the cut at the British Open. And Tom Watson is leading at the halfway mark? Seriously?

From the Not Exactly Breaking News Dept. via the Worldwide Leader. Apparently Minnesota fans sort of like that Mauer kid. Thanks for checking in, guys. You can go back to obsessing over the Yankees, Red Sox and Brett Favre now.

Brad Pitt offers sage advice for bathroom cell phone users. Or you could, you know, just not use your cell phone in the bathroom. Please.

Andy Backstrom makes history in the Shrine football game this weekend. Those who played nine-man football back in the stone ages of the mid-1980s in central North Dakota remember well how strong the Maddock (and don’t forget Esmond) football program was.