Saturday/Sunday Smorgasbord

Since both Jamestown High School and Jamestown College insist on piling 90 percent of their sporting events onto Friday and Saturday, we’ll do it this way. A bunch of stuff will be thrown up against the blog, and we’ll see how much of it sticks.

Main highlight for the Blue Jays was the boys’ basketball team’s win in Turtle Mountain one night after winning in Minot.

The story in Monday’s edition of The Sun will not contain a lot of play-by-play highlights because the radio feed KQDJ was taking was quite possibly the worst I’ve ever heard.

One of the two fellows doing the broadcast, wasn’t horrible, the other guys was. And the horrible one high jacked play-by-play duties in an awkward and uncomfortable exchange between the two midway through the second half.

The game was good, a 90-87 OT win for the Jays, the radio play-by-play was rotten. Listening to high school sports on the radio is not great fun to begin with, when the announcers are awful, it makes it even worse.

Anywho, sophomore Danny Fischer scored 30 points in the Jays’ win, including eight threes for the little guy. Andy Peterson added 19 and Brian Sinner had 12 points and 11 boards.

The girls’ game was a rout in favor of Turtle Mountain, 95-63, and that’s more than enough about that.

The JC men’s basketball team pounded Johnson & Wales.

Jacob Kelsey buried six threes en route to 22 points. Hans Hoeg added 21 and C.J. Peeters 18 points and 7 dimes.

The Jimmies are 9-5 and went 1-1 at the Wendy’s Classic in Dickinson over the weekend.

I’m tired of this now. So to get the lowdown on JHS wrestling and swimming, which was held on Saturday, of course, buy the newspaper. You will not be disappointed.