Friday wrap

The JHS wrestlers won their second straight West Region dual in a thriller over Minot Friday night.

Read David G’s story in Saturday’s print edition of The Sun for all the thrilling details.

– Nothing thrilling about the JHS gymnastics team in Wahpeton. They placed third out of six. Nobody placed higher than third in any event.

– Carrington and Central Prairie will rematch in the Stutsman tourney title game Saturday. Sav will be in the house and will write the heavenly host out of the thing, no doubt.

-MLB note, the Twins let catcer Mike Redmond leave. He signed with the Cleveland Indians Friday. Back-up-to-be Jose Morales is hurt, so it might be time to dust off Tim Laudner and see what he’s got left. I don’t know who else is going to do it and the Twins certainly aren’t going to spend any $$$$$ to bring in a professional back-up. My brother – Nathan Selvig – was a solid high school back-stop at one time, but he’s married and washed up now so he ain’t walking through that door

That’ll have to do for now.

Peace over and out!

Friday night

Stutsman County Tournament and Jamestown High School wrestling in town tonight, plus JHS swimming and gymnastics on the road.

It’s Friday, so of course the schedule is full. Tomorrow is worse because as we know Monday-Thursday does not exist for sports in this town.

I’ve written that column twice now and whined about it on the blog. It took complaining on the blog for someone to actually agree with the JHS/JC scheduling philosophy.

Literally, I’ve heard from at least 100 people through email, phone messages and in person through the years agreeing with me on scheduling — including several coaches.

But the beat goes on. We’ll "just do our job" like we always do. Someone actually had the onions to say/type "just do your job" to me. It’d be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetically ignorant.

Jimmies swept at The Bubble

The Bubble was a bear for the Jamestown College basketball teams Friday.

The women got dominated 71-54 as the men lost in a shootout 90-83 as Calvin Kraft torched the Jimmies for 38 points.

John Peabody led the JC men with 22 points and 8 rebounds.

The Jimmies don’t play again until Jan. 22 at Dakota State.

Also Thursday, the JHS wrestling team got its first West Region dual win, beating St. Mary’s 36-30. The Jays host Minot tonight – yes it’s that late – at 7 p.m.

That will have to do for now. Friday’s print edition is packed full of local copy. Please check it out. Or don’t. I don’t care.