Littering on junk day?

I’ve always been annoyed by the amount of littering in Jamestown.

There certainly is a sect of people in this village, who litter freely with no conscience and it bugs the #x@$ out of me.

Anyways, with it being junk week here in Jimsville, I participated and put stuff out I no longer need/want, following all of the rules, of course.

So tonight some dirty scavenger was rummaging through my crap and took some stuff, which is fine – got no problem with that. But they left an empty Powerade bottle and a candy wrapper. Had I seen these tools do that, I literally would have chased them down and stuffed the candy wrapper back into their face and lodged the bottle down their pants. You hoard a bunch of free stuff and then leave litter? Really?

Come on Jamestown. You are NOT better than that.