Griz Wins!

Sun sports writer, and EXTERRA extreme triathlon expert, David Griswold just won 2 Twins tickets at Dirt Talk tonight – the radio program where they discuss all things gear here in Jamestown.

Sun employees get absolutely ZERO perks, so we have to resort to going to events like Dirt Talk to score.

The tickets are for the July series against Seattle – a dreadful offensive team. I have Chone Figgins on my fantasy club and he has been absolutely disgusting this year. He’s stealing his $9 million salary.

Anyways, Griz scores free Twins tickets tonight. That his big news around here.

Normally him and Savaloja score used CDs at Dirt Talk, so this is worth a blog post.

Celebrate Jamestown.

If you see Sun news scribe Benjamin Rodgers tonight at local establishment caress his hair in celebration. Trust me, he’ll dig it.