I will concede that I often am the kiss of death when it comes to prognostications, despite the fact that I possess the premier sports brain of anyone I have ever met or heard of.

You would think the two would be diametrically opposed, but I can lay down a billy-goat- type curse on seemingly anyone/team.

Nevertheless, a great win for the U.S. soccer team. Not only that, they should beat Ghana as well.

So here we go: U.S. 2, Ghana 0 – and on to the Elite 8 they go.

Altidore breaks through in the 1st half and Edson Buddle makes it 2-0 deep into half No. 2 to seal the deal.

Head to Vegas and lay down your $ now, because I’m so money, I don’t even know how money I am.


One thought on “Agreed

  1. I am not going to be too happy with you if the US loses. If you suck at predictions you should have gone with Ghana.

    They do have a legit chance at beating Ghana though, good call on the 2-0. I will go with a 2-1… after we let the first one in of course.

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