Wild morning

Those of us who work at night often miss big sporting events on TV, but so far Thursday has been a good morning to be at home.

– John Isner, the 6-foot-8 American tennis player just beat the Frechman Mahut 70-68 in the fifth set of their second-round match at Wimbledon. The match took over 11 hours and spanned 3 days. It broke pretty much every record in tennis and will soon end Wimbledon’s long-standing tradition of no tiebreakers in the fifth set – it’s coming.

– In South Africa, defending World Cup champion Italy is out. They’re old, tired whiners and can now go back to the Boot and grow excessive amounts of hair all over their bodies.

And soccer players, what’s with the tatoos? These little squirts are more tatted out than NBA behemoths. It looks ridiculous, it really does.

-The NBA draft is now just 7 hours away. The Wolves are going to suck and blow again and take Johnson (Syracuse) instead of Cousins (Kentucky) and I don’t know why. I’m coming to the realization that this Kahn runt does not know basketball – which makes him a perfect fit to run the Wolves. I at least hope they take Anderson (Oklahoma State) with one of their other 2 No. 1 picks. He possesses the skill of being able to put the basketball into the basket, which the Wolves were awful at last season.

-There’s nothing going on in Jamestown tonight – we like those kinds of nights. They are rare.

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  1. Um… You left out the Brewers who are about the sweep the Twins in Milwaukee. Step your game up!

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