Brazil: You’re Out

Kaka, Robinho and crew gave one away in the 2nd half to the Netherlands.

Did not see that one coming.

The U.S. played Netherlands tough in a friendly pre-World Cup. What that means exactly I have no idea.

I’m amazed by the amount of flopping that goes on. It makes the NBA guys who needlessly dive look courageous.

-The Jamestown Legion baseball team is supposed to be playing in Devils Lake today. No word on Thursday’s results, but I’m sure they did a heckuva job.

-Twins at home against the Rays tonight. Tampa’s starting staff is dynamic.

-If I could go back in time I would definitely avoid:

A. Marriage

B. Fantasy baseball

-Look for Part III of my dynamic series on the DAC in Saturday’s print edition of The Jamestown Sun.

Stay cool today, Chad.