The boss is out

The boss (A.K.A. DS) kicked off a week-long, family vacation this morning and will be present at a White Sox/Mariner’s game in Chicago early next week. As Hawk would say, DS will be watching the Sox put it on the board, which I hope they don’t do with much frequency. I’m still banking on the Twins – and this season’s Average Joe Mauer – turning up the heat in August. The Twinkies are sending Brian Duensing to the mound tonight for his first start of the season in Game 2 against the Orioles, which to this point has been quite an amusing series. Three Baltimore ejections last night, along with a field crasher, in a 5-0 Twins laugher. Since networks won’t air fans storming on to the playing surface, in order to keep these jokers from getting added exposure and more frequent antics from the stands, you can view the melee by clicking this link:

Anyway, good luck to Mr. Duensing this evening. I’m not sure he’s the sparkplug that this season’s horrendous starting rotation needs, but we need something. I’ve had it up to the neck with the trainwrecks that surround Baker, Slowey and Blackburn. Pavano and Liriano are holding the entire show together, and the law of averages points out that 2 decent pitchers in a 5-man rotation equates to more losses than wins. Those three aren’t rookies anymore, so there isn’t any excuses. They just aren’t that good. Maybe Baker will prove me wrong someday, but I’m not holding my breath. Duensing is replacing Blackie in the rotation, by the way.

To make a long story short, with the boss on vacation I’ll be trying to hold this little blog project together for him while he’s away. Griswold is also on vacation until Monday, so don’t expect prize-winning stuff until next week. Post 14 is taking on Devils Lake this evening at the Eastern Division American Legion Baseball Tournament in Fargo, and I’ll be passing along that information when I get it. Forum writer Eric Peterson was covering the tourney yesterday, so I’m banking on more Peterson updates this evening and in tomorrow’s print edition.

SWAZ Update: Sun news scribe Ben Rodgers is currently putting together tomorrow’s Food page (A9). He’s taken it upon himself to include a recipe an Beer-Can Chicken. No surprise there. Give it a look in the morning.

Also, make sure to head out to Jamestown Speedway tomorrow evening for the NOSA Sprint Car show. It’s also Armed Forces Night. Anyone with a military ID will get in for $5, and the Jamestown Drum and Bugle Corps will be there playing tunes. Music starts at 6:30, with racing to get underway at 7 p.m.

That’s all for now, J-town.