Dirt Talk

About to head out to Dirt Talk, the weekly radio show that talks all things "dirt" in and around the Jamestown Area. The show is aired live each Monday on KQDJ (1400 AM) at 6 p.m. from Jamestown’s IDK Bar & Grill. The IDK is a restaurant/bar, so kids are welcome. Jamestown Speedway officials (Teri and Joanne, sometimes Keith) run down the weekend’s results from the track, and Shady Shawn interviews drivers that turn out. It’s actually a pretty decent time. I do not lie. I even get to throw in my two cents from time to time.

Also – and I’m not kidding – I win a door prize nearly every week, and they’ve got prizes such as tickets to Twins’ games at the new Target Field. I haven’t landed a set of those yet, but I have won 7 free passes to Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America over the past couple of years … and countless other prizes. I’m sick of winning, so you all better start showing up!