Let’s go racing

If some of you out there in the blog-reading world haven’t noticed (read The Sun), I’ve spent just about every Saturday night this summer out at Jamestown Speedway. And, yes, DS is still on vacation. As a former WISSOTA Street Stock and Super Stock driver myself – back when I was still living with the folks and without a real job – I’ve been impressed with not only the strong competition the track draws on a weekly basis, but also the manner in which the track’s officials direct the program each week. When a heat of cars is coming off the track, the next heat of cars is already coming, and so on and so forth. It’s quick, it’s exciting and the track preparation is second to none from what I’ve witnessed over the years. Just ask any of the current drivers and they’ll tell you the same thing. Just about every driver I’ve interviewed since I took the racing beat at The Sun has told me that Jamestown Speedway is the smoothest, and probably the quickest, quarter-mile in four states. If your only dirt track racing experience is a show you’ve watched at Jamestown, you’re spoiled and just don’t know it. I guess it’s the professionalism that makes Jamestown Speedway what it is, plain and simple. Some other tracks tend to lack that, and shows turn into an unorganized, slow-moving fiasco. Not to mention the experience would probably include a track with pot holes and frost boils the size of Lake Michigan, and a hillbilly using a railroad tie as a front bumper. You get the picture.

If you’ve never been out to the races at Jamestown Speedway, especially if you’re a motorsports fan, you’ve got to get out there this coming Saturday. The United States Modified Touring Series and NASCAR veteran Ken Schrader will be making a stop at the track. You will be impressed, and not only with the action on the track. The speedway’s concession stand sells the best French fries I’ve ever tasted.