Missed it by that much

Just amusing myself with the head up there in reference to monthly blog views.

So far Sunday:

- The Twins have won their 8th straight, sweeping a truly awful professional baseball team in the Seattle Mariners. I have Chone Figgins on my fantasy team this year, and heretofore shall be known as the torpedo, for playing a large part in destorying my season.

- Sav is cranking out some serious racing right now. It’s going to be a biggie, so be sure to check out Monday’s print edition.

- Dean Kraft’s JHS girls’ golf team will have a season-opening meeting Aug. 5. Practice begins Aug. 9.

- If you have not seen this yet, you must: www.weallscheme.com/2010/07/28/the-floppy-fish-soccer-goal-celebration/

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