JHS soccer loses …

7-1 or so we’re told.
There was too much going on and we had to pick and choose.
We think it was a 7-1 loss and we’re certain they did a heck of a job.

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Cross country update

The Jimmie runners went to Minot with the big meet in Aberdeen weathered-out.
The high school meet in Aberdeen was also washed out – shockingly, no one told us – we knew nothing. Talk about par for the course.

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Jays getting waxed

It’s Mandan 27, JHS 0 after one quarter at Faris Field.
Also tonight, both JHS and JC XC teams are running in Mandan.
JHS VB at home vs. Minot
JHS boys’ soccer vs. Minot
JHS tennis vs. Williston at WF

Jamestown, pick it up

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