JC men rally …

for 58-51 win.
The Jimmies, ranked 13th, held Dakota State to 21
second-half points.
They’ve won 13 of 14 games and are 14-4 overall

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JC men down at ….

halftime, 30-21 against Dakota State.
The Jimmies shot 33 percent (8-24) in the first half
and star forward Travis Burley has 3 fouls.
Dakota State is a lot bigger than the Jimmies – this
one could be challenging.
The Trojans have 9 wins and have beat some good
Davon Thomas has 6 points to lead the Jimmies,
who went 2 for 10 on 3s in the 1st half.

Jimmies win

66-43 buy holy moly was it boring.
Only home game of January for JC BB teams so
come out to the men’s game.
No cold weather to walk in. Men’s game should be
JC men ranked 13th. Women are 15th and now 15-3
on the season.

JC women up big

The 15th-ranked Jimmies lead Dakota State, 34-19,
at halftime.
The wireless connection I’m working on is not good
here so updates will be sporadic tonight.
Kaeli Kraska and Carly Jensen each have six
points off the bench. Nine Jimmies have scored.
This is a mismatch and Dakota State has zero
chance of winning.